Summer Snapshot Fundraiser | Proceeds benefit the Bryan Pumphrey Memorial Fund

I have been trying to write this post and it is just so hard. It is unimaginable and heartbreaking, so please bear with me. I met Kayme almost two years ago when I first moved to Chicago. I applied for a job at her company K. Grace Childcare and was hired after a rigorous interview process. I met Kayme shortly after and, to this day, I think she is one of the sweetest,most genuine people I have ever known. Kayme has been an inspiration to me as a person and a young business woman. You know those people that make you feel happy and proud to know them? Well, folks, that is Kayme. And I can guarantee anyone that meets her feels the exact same way. It makes my heart so heavy to continue this post, but here it goes…

Last month, Kayme’s husband Bryan passed away far too soon. I only met him once but he, like Kayme, was an incredible and caring person. In his obituary he is remembered as “an amazing man who loved the Lord and adored his beautiful wife and children. Everyone who met Bryan loved him. He was a man of integrity, wit, humble service, and love.” He left behind his beautiful wife and two young children, Madden and Addison. While this loss is unimaginable for their family, we have all been doing everything that we can do to support Kayme and her family.

While there is nothing that we can do to ease her pain, we want to try to ease the financial stress. On August 18th, we are teaming up with Bum Bul Bee Photo to hold a fundraiser for the Bryan Pumphrey Memorial Fund. 100% of the funds will be donated to the fundraiser which is in place to help support Addison and Madden. If you are free on August 18th please sign up for some pictures and help us support this sweet family.


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