When to Book a Wedding Photographer


You just got engaged. There are hundreds of thoughts rushing through your mind…when will we get married? And where? Who will we invite? Etc. After announcing the news to your family, picking a date, and securing your wedding location, the next three people to book are your wedding planner, photographer and DJ. Why these three? Unlike your florist, caterer  or limo service who have teams dedicated to running multiple events, these three individuals can only be booked for one wedding a day. They also have fantastic connections in the wedding industry which will make choosing other details easer.

So when should you book a wedding photographer? This depends on the photographer that you’re trying to secure and the date of your wedding. Many in-demand photographers book a year to 18 months in advance, whereas others may be available 6-9 months in advance. As a general rule of thumb, I’d suggest talking to your desired photographer 9-12 months in advance. This gives you enough time to get into their calendar and gives your photographer time to prep for your wedding (visit the venue, test light, etc.).


If your heart is set on one photographer, consider talking to them before setting your date and venue. That way, you’ll ensure that their schedule aligns with your wedding date. Otherwise, have a few photographers in mind and find one that fits your style and timing!

Another factor to consider is the date of your engagement and wedding. Between the months of April and November, wedding photographers are swamped with requests. If your wedding falls within those months, consider reaching out a bit earlier. An awesome way to get in your wedding photographer’s roster is by scheduling an engagement session with them! I love shooting engagements for many reasons (check out this past blog post for a few of them), but a huge part of engagement sessions is prep for the wedding. During these shoots, I get to know the couple, their angles, etc. so by the time of the wedding, everyone is comfortable and at ease!

Choosing your wedding photographer is an exciting step in your wedding prep. We work tirelessly to capture your special day and bring it to life for years to come!



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