5 Reasons to Love Outdoor Engagement Sessions

I love outdoor engagement sessions. From the natural light to the constantly evolving backgrounds, outdoor engagement sessions are the way to go. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve probably noticed that all of my engagement sessions are shot outside. Here are a few reasons why I love outdoor engagement sessions:


1. Endless Possibility

Wherever you live, there are endless possibilities when it comes to outdoor engagement session locations. You’ve probably noticed that many couples choose iconic locations to take their photos (Millennium Park and Olive Park to name a few), but there are so many options. We don’t have to shoot in only one location either; many people choose to take photos at a classic Chicago location and a location that reminds them of their relationship (first date, first home, etc.). The possibilities are endless!



2. Guaranteed Uniqueness! 

No matter where you decide to take your outdoor engagement photos, your photos will be unique. Yes, of course they’re unique because there is no other couple like you, but the background also changes. From new seasons to new weather, each day is beautifully unique!


3. The Lighting

As a photographer, light is always on my mind. I love outdoor engagement sessions because of the natural lighting. Catching the sun before it sets provides a beautiful, soft light that is absolutely magical.


4. Capture this moment in your lives

I love outdoor engagement sessions because you can capture your lives at this special moment in time. Picking a location that has significant meaning to you as a couple is a great way to share and remember this new adventure!


5. Feel Natural

If you’re in a place you love, with the person you love, you will feel more comfortable being you. Sometimes studio sessions can feel unnatural and staged, but when you’re in a familiar place, you have the freedom to pretend there isn’t a camera following you around.


All in all, I clearly love outdoor engagement sessions for these reasons. Pick a place that means something to you two and captures this moment in your lives, whether it’s inside or outside. You are beautiful and anywhere you love is magical too!


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