What To Wear for Engagement Photos

From the moment you get engaged up until your wedding day, it may feel like a whirlwind of planning, but there are so many moments during this time that you should savor. Starting with your engagement announcement! Taking beautiful engagement photos is the perfect way to share the big news. After picking your engagement session location and date, the next step is deciding what to wear. Throughout this post, I’ll provide you with some tips and examples to help you figure out what to wear to engagement sessions. Enjoy!


Northwestern University Engagement Session


Make Sure You Feel Amazing

The most important part of any outfit is how you feel when you’re wearing it. If you feel like a million bucks, chances are, you’ll be more natural and comfortable taking photos (and it shows)! Sometimes, the outfit that you have worn a thousand times and know fits you like a glove is better than a brand new dress. It doesn’t mean a thing that you have worn the outfit before or maybe have some photos of you in it from other occasions; if it fits right, you love the outfit, and you feel great in it…your photos will reflect that! 



Avoid Bold Patterns and Colors

These colors distract from you and your significant other and can be a bit loud and harsh. They also don’t register as well as more neutral colors. Try and wear shades of colors like blue, grey, cream, or brown instead. Kerri and Mike‘s neutral outfits (above) allowed their personalities and love to shine through…and didn’t take away from the beautiful Chicago background!

Add Layers and Texture

I know that blouse looks great by itself, but adding various layers and textures make your photos more dynamic and interesting. Try adding some excitement to your outfit by layering with cardigans, sweaters, ties, jackets, and undershirts. Layering is also a great way to pop certain colors without overdoing it! I love how Ellie layered patterns, colors and textures in this cute fall outfit!

Stick to your Comfort Zone

Remember, these are your engagement photos, so make sure they capture your style. Take a moment to think of what your style is and then go just one step above that to elevate your style; but don’t overdo it. Wearing outfits that go outside of your comfort zone will end up seeming forced and we, obviously, want to achieve the opposite effect: we want the images to feel like you!

Coordinate Without Being too Match-y

There was a time and place to coordinate your colors and outfits exactly… high school prom. It’s okay to wear different shades of the same color and have hints of colors that coordinate. Try to be distinct and different in the types of clothing you wear, too. With that being said, try on your outfits together before the shoot to make sure you like the combo. I love the way Ana and Eric coordinated their outfits. Their minimal, black and white outfits went perfectly together!


Stick to the Same Color Tones, Subtly

Expanding on my last tip, try and stick with the same color tones without matching too much. Stick to pastels or cool colors (blues and greens) or warm colors (reds, yellows, oranges). If your significant other is wearing a pastel color, don’t break out a warm color that contrasts too much. You can weave color into your outfit using jewelry, ties, layers, and other methods so that you can both fall into the same color tone without having to both wear the same color shirt. I love Casey and Thomas‘ beach-inspired outfits. The colors go beautifully together and with the scenery!


Limit Your Photos to One or Two Outfits

Although you could probably use your whole closet in your photo shoot (and would probably like to), try to limit yourself to only one or two outfits. This keeps the focus on the couple and not on the outfit. If you choose to do two outfits, I recommend having one that is more casual and the other a bit more dressy. Katie and Brandon did the perfect job of wearing two outfits that complimented each other well!

Chicago Engagement Photographer


Hair and Makeup Makes a Huge Difference

When people have their makeup and hair done before their engagement session, they usually have more confidence in their appearance and this confidence shows in the photos. If you are constantly worrying about your hair being out of place or not happy with your appearance, it is going to take away from the end result, so treat yourself and get your hair and makeup done! These ARE your engagement photos, aren’t they?!

Still need some outfit suggestions?  Here are a few of my favorite duo looks from around the web!



These two are both casual in J.Crew.2014-05-01_0007

He is wearing J.Crew and she is wearing Kate Spade.


These two ladies are both wearing looks from Anthropologie.


Mr. and Mr. are both rocking some Jack Spade






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